What strikes me funny is that Warner killed that original Justice League movie and from the look and sounds of it, they are doing the exact same thing, just on a grander, more chaotic, fan pandering scale than they were the first time. They just should have gone through with it. » 7/21/14 11:35am Monday 11:35am

"All I did was talk about how I looked up to Justin or to Beyoncé, looking at what they did. But I'm looking at everything everybody does. I'm looking at everything T.I. does, I'm looking at everything Lil Wayne does, I'm looking at everything Jeezy does, I'm looking at everything Jay-Z does, I'm looking at everything… » 7/21/14 11:51am Monday 11:51am

If I were a cynical person, I'd say, "Hey this is perfect. It is the exact analogy I would write if I was a producer with a old franchise which has taken a PR beating. I'm not going to write an original story. Too risky. Instead, I'll make the movies a mystery....no! A "mystery box" about a couple of young people,… » 7/21/14 7:11am Monday 7:11am

I think its an unfortunate truth of the PR/Mediaspeak jungle that one unique horrific event can be summoned for use as hyperbole and iconicized( word?) into some horrific shorthand that is used to measure other disasters and attacks. Cue the many "Hitler" and "Holocaust" comments people make to scare and motivate… » 7/19/14 9:50am 7/19/14 9:50am