While I applaud his retirement from "acting" I can't say he's going to make any substantive contributions to politics or ethics, either. It is a very common occurrence addicts in the beginning of their recovery to think they immediately "know it all." » 10/27/14 4:38pm 10/27/14 4:38pm

There is also supposedly an "almost red carpet montage where the rich and famous are asked their views about the Superman who appeared in the public eye recently. The red carpet setup is attached, and will include both Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor being asked that question by Lois Lane and Clark Kent on the carpet." Theā€¦ » 10/21/14 12:18pm 10/21/14 12:18pm

I'm the most liberal religious person anyone has ever met, but I am nonetheless disgusted with how much outright bigotry against us he gets people to laugh at in the clear light of day. It goes to show that an adoring cult of personality will overlook anything if it appeals to their own biases. » 9/04/14 2:49pm 9/04/14 2:49pm